How to Travel with Sex Toys in India

How to Travel with Sex Toys in India

So you've bought an intimate massager and don't want to leave it behind as you travel for the holidays?

Well, we've got some great news for you!

Domestic travel with your pleasure products and intimate wellness items does not have to be an issue at all. This holiday season, travel confident and well-prepared with your Sangya goodies. 

Here's how you make it from the airport check-in to your destination with zero hassles!


While Sangya packaging does not contain obscene language or descriptors for its contents, it's best to ditch the packaging material and carry your item with its charger and no other material that may describe its uses.


You don't want your toys accidentally buzzing on the flight or scaring your co-passenger as you wait for your flight at the gate, do you? Drain the battery the night before your flight and make sure to pack it completely discharged. Remember to pack your charging cable with you though!

For liquid products like the Sangya Infinity, you can repack it in a small travel size bottle that allows you to carry around 100ml in your cabin baggage. To Travel with more lube, ensure that the Infinity tube is packed in your check in luggage.


Ensure you travel with your vibrating Sangya toys in the cabin luggage. Treat it as any other electronic device. Pack it with your laptop, power banks, chargers, phones, Kindles, etc. and make sure to put it through the tray at security just like you would any other electronic item.


Pack your items safely and securely after security and enjoy your flight! Charge your Sangya toy once you reach your destination and ring in your holidays the right way.

*Please note these tips do not apply on international flights where the destination country's laws on pleasure products and intimate massagers may differ. Kindly verify the status of SX Tech in the country you are flying to if your queries are regarding international travel.

*Please also note that it is advisable to travel with intimate products that do not represent any anatomical parts and are discreet and ambiguous in appearance.

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