Founded by a queer and poly family, Sangya Project aims to create destigmatised, trauma-informed and kink-affirmative education that continuously makes room for new stories and new perspectives— where your needs will always come first.

  • Shweta Sangtani


    Shweta is a litigating lawyer. Having graduated in 2010, she's been practicing at the Bombay High court. While studying, she worked at an HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness organization for 2 years. After having worked for over 10 years, and realising how sexual awareness is still largely taboo in this country, she decided to go back to doing what she did in college i.e. to provide tools to people to understand sexual health better, if only a little.

  • Tanisha RK

    A budding wildlife conservationist turned social impact researcher, Tanisha is all too familiar with the importance of language and academic research in shaping social mindsets and narratives. As a queer and nonbinary survivor of violence with training in Comprehensive Sex Education, their aim is to document people’s lived experiences regularly, so that pop culture, academia, and policy may finally be more reflective of real life expressions of sex and sexuality.

  • Aashish Mehrotra

    Aashish is a writer, producer, director & Erotic artist with 15 years of experience in multi-media. Having struggled with his sexuality as a bisexual man, Aashish dreamt of an India where literature & tools for discovering one’s sexuality would be more accessible. He hopes to achieve that dream through Sangya Project.