Sangya Zema S

Sale priceRs. 2,999.00

This is a soft TPE sleeve with 4 different textures on the inside, encased in a shampoo bottle-shaped PVC shell. The Zema S is the newer design and model of the Zema masturbator.

The Zema S is a non-vibrating fleshlight designed for easy use and discreet storage. The soft PVC shell allows you to add pressure on the masturbator so you can explore a snug fit the way you like it.

The cap also comes with a plastic stand on the inside, so you can remove the TPE sleeve from the PVC shell to wash and dry it on the stand. Make sure to air dry it well before putting it back in storage as dampness or poorly washed TPE sleeves can attract dirt, bacteria and other germs. 

Color: Black