Sangya S6 Dildo & BLT Combo

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Announcing the new 2023 S6 Dildo, now 20% softer for added versatility as you play with partners or enjoy it all by yourself.

Hands-free play has never been easier. Fasten your Sangya BLT around your favourite cushion or the seat of your preferred chair and treat yourself to a good night.

Made of PU vegan leather, this belt is adjustable and comes with an O-ring to accommodate a dildo or vibrator of your choice, so you can explore hands-free play the way you’ve always wanted to.

This combo comes with the Sangya S6, a medical grade silicone dildo with a contoured tip, available in black.


For hands-free play

The belt can be adjusted to allow for better fit around the surface or pillows of your choice so you can explore more positions and different forms of play without interruption!