The "Us" in Anus: Anal Anatomy & hygiene

Why the anal fixation?

Well, because everyone’s got one!

There is so much more to pleasure than just heteronormative ideals. Your anus is a beautiful place, it has nerve endings and pleasure/pressure points that could give you harder orgasms than you have ever experienced.

There is so much more to anal pleasure than penetration.

There is rimming, eating, and even anal massage. Penetration isn’t and shouldn’t be the end goal or the main course. Although it certainly is a beautiful part of the journey when done with the correct steps and after care.

A 2010 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that of the 31 percent of cis women surveyed who had engaged in anal sex during their most recent sexual encounter, 94 percent had an orgasm. 

But first it is important to understand anal anatomy. It isn’t just a hole. The anus has far more depth (see what we did there?) to it and is more intricate than you might like to believe.


But is knowing about our anatomy enough? Is that all that keeps us from exploring pleasure? What about the fear of germs and infections and the decades of conditioning about how anal sex causes special STDs unlike any other form of sexual interaction and play?

First off, that association is bogus. Anal sex is only risky because the lining inside our rectums are thin and the sphincter is a strong muscle that needs gentle play. Anal sex isn’t inherently bad, no form of sex is. But some acts or some positions simply require more gentle care and extra lube to minimise friction and injuries.

If you can maintain hygiene by washing your hands, bathing, and brushing your teeth, then anal hygiene is not impossible either.

Jet sprays and mild soap are your friends.

Using the jet spray to adequately wash our butt holes while using warm soap water during baths/ before sex acts is necessary.

You do not need an enema/douching

This is strictly a personal preference and as long as you keep your anus clean, getting an enema is not necessary. It can cause discomfort and even anal fissures if not done right. If you plan on being regular with anal play, frequent enemas can irritate the skin in your rectum and even disrupts the natural bacterial balance in your large intestine that works really hard to keep your insides safe and stable.


Dental dams

Rimming/eating ass makes you susceptible to STIs and different bacteria. It is important to consider using dental dams.

High-fiber and low spice meals

High fibre diets ensure your gut is cleared out regularly, and allow your rectum and anal cavity to clean itself out more effectively. Avoiding spicy foods before anal play and drinking plenty of water also supports your bowel movements and makes anal play safer and more comfortable for you.




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