Call out for collaborations

Sangya first began as a platform where you and Team Sangya could write about your sexual experiences and journey in order to not just validate each other, but also help the other readers grow a language for their experiences too. Together, we’ve come so far, but we have so much farther to go.

We are converting our website into a space for you and Team Sangya to collaborate. We want to make your platform to showcase art, illustrations, comics, articles, photographs, anything you'd want to create for us on the subject of sexuality. These can be independent projects or projects in collaboration with Team Sangya, and will be showcased on our website for all our readers and community members to engage with. 

If your work centres around themes like pleasure, sexuality, kink, queer culture and identities, pleasure toys, or erotica, we want your work to find a home on our platform!

You will be compensated for these projects based on a mutually discussed fee, depending on the type of work and the project timeline. We hope that these collaborations can support our brand and propel you to a wider audience.

Email us at to tell us more about your ideas and let’s bring your vision and voice to the Sangya Community.

Call-out for Photographs, Models, Photographers

We want to showcase your work as the visuals that accompany our writing and bring our essays and guides to life. If you are a boudoir model or a photographer who works specifically with boudoir or erotic styles, get in touch! 

We are also looking to move away from using stock images that do not showcase Indian skin, Indian bodies and Indian sensualities. If you have photographs and are open to licensing them to us for posts and our website, let us know!

Email us at with your portfolio and any visual ideas you may have for us.

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